As simple as can be
Standing tall for the world to see
My bestie with a heart of gold
Radiating love untold

I admire your tenacity and grit
It’d be rewarded by God the great
Life may have been as empty as air
If you’re not here to care

Though you’re afar
We are more at par
Calls with you seem so short
But the clock gives a clear report

Your birthday is a special day
May it gift you joy in every way
Just reflect and start anew
I wish your dreams come true

Happy birthday to you
Sending hearty cheers your way
Let’s pop the wine
And happily dine

View my wishes

— © Chiamaka Ikeanyi

In a flash like lightning
Tragedy struck

The night came at dawn
And failed to lose its grip on mother nature

Work, schools, churches, events
All paused like they never existed

Hugs, handshakes dreaded
Like everyone is leprosy stricken

Circumstances have a way of changing
Our perspective of life

The death toll is on the rise every day
And bodies packed like goods being shipped

Life presents itself with things that matter most
Naira or dollars can’t buy everything

© Chiamaka Ikeanyi

I’ve been in poverty
With no inherited property
One day luck smiled at me
And I begin to wear fine Tee
Changed from iTel to iPhone
Na so SARS begin check my phone
You sure say you no be Yahoo
Big alert dey your phone too
Come along we must go station
Na people like you dey spoil our nation
The thing be like film for Netflix
I close eyes open and station we don reach
You go drop something to go free
I come go on a search spree
Come find a few of my close friends
Wey balance and on me fit spend
The clock tick small they don land
And SARS officials collect the…

Hey, reminder
Not today
My colleagues are away
It’s a holiday

PS: A response to scrum reminder on a day when my colleagues were observing a public holiday but I wasn’t cos we live in different countries.

— Chiamaka Ikeanyi

A different tribe
Yet I like
Have I committed a crime?
Cos you barely give a dime

With others, you wine and dine
And not care to turn my side
Not even to share my joy
I think it’s time to flip the coin

Many men waiting to join
But some even play it coy
I think it’s time to give a try
Hoping to never have to cry

Hmm! What if I get fried?
Well, at least I know I tried
And hope at last a place I find
Amongst people of my kind.

— Chiamaka Ikeanyi

I, like many others set goals and build atomic habits to help achieve these goals. One of my goals last year was to explore new grounds.

Sequel to this, I left Konga, one of the two major players in the e-commerce sector in Nigeria to mPharma, a Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Ghana, with the the vision of providing access to safe and affordable health care in Africa.

The interview process was a long one. All the 4 stages were done virtually. It took series of months to finally get through to the last stage. Despite being long, it was realistic…

Background Image: Wish Upon A Star by Caoimhe-Aisling on DeviantArt

Darling! the moon is out tonight
See the stars shining so bright
Hold my hand let’s sway all night
And make a memory of the night

Cool wind rushes through my spine
As the breeze pass through the pine
Let’s dance like fireflies in the night
Before it’s taken over by the tide

I would dance from dusk till dawn
And my feet will never mourn
Let’s share the jokes and admire the stars
Crafted beautifully and kept up high

Let’s make the stars watch in awe
But not jealous to have it fall
See the palm fronds sway and shake
Would you let them take the stage?

Time would fly and the night would pass
Would you love to take a chance
Or wait till when I fade away
Then you’ll watch the moonlight in regret?

— © Chiamaka Ikeanyi

Image from Our Daily Bread

When night comes
And the wind blows off the candle lit

Unraveling the mysteries of life
Paving way for its spiritual undertone

Thence we realise that life is precious
Yet too fragile

Why take this gift for granted?
Which is today, and tomorrow no more?

Like a blink of an eye
The thin line of breath can be cut off

The mortal body decay
And all that’s left would be the soul

Why hate, fight and hurt each other?
Do you truly understand the essence of life?

The little foxes that spoil the vine
Can cost you eternity when the die…

Thank you all for the good wishes
Served like delicacies

I want to use this special style
To say they warmed my heart

Thanks for your time
Adding to my face a smile

‘Cos kind words come right back,
I’ll say, “May you never lack”.

— © Chiamaka Ikeanyi

In the course of this journey
I’ve learnt to;

Let go of negative emotions
Lest they turn to fuel and burn me up

Compete only with the version of me yesterday
Striving to be a better version today

Be happy for others and share in their little wins
Never imitate but be original

Think before I speak
Cos it’s better to be kind than to be right

Uphold integrity
And strive to be in God’s will

Be grateful for what I have
And focus on what matters most

Learn from experiences each day
As they sum up to a better perspective…

Chiamaka Ikeanyi

Likes Tech, Art and Poetry. Write at

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